Patient`s safety

The first level of your safety is pre- and post-surgery medical supervision. A nurse called by a button next to your bed is on duty around the clock at our center. In addition, you are supervised by a consulting physician and resuscitator who are constantly on duty 24 hours a day.


If you need extra care, we have an ICU, where it is possible to monitor all your life parameters around the clock and, if necessary, to continuously administer the necessary medicines with a digital precision. We always have readily available all required medicines, which a nurse is ready to administer within a minute, if necessary.

The nurse`s station is equipped with video surveillance of the patient wards

The emergency call button is duplicated by an alert bracelet on the nurse`s arm

All necessary medicines are available for administration within a minute

The second level of your safety is the sterilization of surgery tools, each of which, depending on the manufacture material, requires its own reliable sterilization method. For this purpose, we apply all the most up-to-date sterilization methods available today:


Every day our technicians prepare fresh special solutions for immersion of tools. To achieve the maximum level of tools` sterility, we always control the concentration and interval of keeping tools in the solution according to the criteria specified by manufacturers.


To process metal tools, the most reliable method of sterilization is a high temperature pressure treatment. For this purpose, we use a modern sterilizer and constantly monitor the temperature and pressure inside the chamber according to all available standards.

Plasma sterilization

This is the latest tool sterilizing technique used at our clinic. This method provides effective sterilization of the most fragile and smallest parts and tools, which is important for our practice, since the device we enter into the kidney is a 3.3-mm -thick item made of a special polymer that requires delicate handling and sterilizing.

In addition to the above mentioned, the key element for successful and safe medical treatment is reliable equipment and highly skilled and experienced professional staff.

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