We work at the premises of the Innomed Endosurgery Medical Center, therefore, to get a complete list of urological procedures and prices, go the the link above and get all the information you need in the “Urology” section.

You will have more information about the price for destruction of urinary calculi directly in this section.

Attention! The prices below are inclusive of all medical costs:

  • Stay at the clinic
  • Medicines
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgery consumables (including stent, laser fiber, strings, etc.)
  • All care and hygiene products (antiseptics, diapers, urinals, catheters, etc.)
  • Decent pay for medical staff
Therefore, when paying for our services, you do not run through pharmacies or medical equipment stores, no one expects a personal "thank you" for you, before the surgery you clearly know how much your treatment costs.

Meals are not included in the cost of the service, as operating procedures do not require long hospital stay and patients may well go home the same or the next day after surgery. At your request, we can provide three meals a day for an additional fee, the cost of which is equivalent to 20 euros per day.


In the event of complications, which may unfortunately happen to anyone (fortunately such cases are quite uncommon), we will individually charge you for extra materials and medicines.

The cost of lithotripsy for kidney stones depends on consumables, but mostly on high-tech equipment work hours, including flexible tools, laser and more. The cost also depends on the concrement location (the closer the calculus is to the kidney, the more difficult is to remove it) and its size (the larger the calculus, the longer the surgery and more equipment hours are needed).

Below are the stone difficulty categories and their removal costs:

Calculi smaller than 1 cm in the lower third of the ureter

11 500 UAH

Calculi larger than 1 cm in the lower section of the ureter and calculi in the middle third section

13 500 UAH

Calculi smaller than 1.5 cm in the upper third section of the ureter

16 500 UAH

Calculi larger than 1.5 cm in the upper third section of the ureter and calculi in the ureteropelvic junction

18 500 UAH

Calculi smaller than 2 cm in the kidney

21 500 UAH

Calculi larger than 2 cm in the kidney, multiple calculi in the kidney

25 500 UAH

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy of large renal calculi

30 500 UAH

Of course, in each case, we take into account the total risk factors, so we use individual approach for treatment of each patient. If we can reduce the cost of medical treatment or avoid surgery, we will certainly do it. Keep in mind that we use computed tomography for the most accurate diagnosis.

For distant patients, we have an opportunity of prior consultation. To do this, upload your test data (primarily a CT scan, ultrasound reports, etc.) to and open access for the user This is how we can preliminarily assess the feasibility of the operation, its complexity and associated costs. Please send short details of yourself (age, sex, weight, major symptoms, the disease duration, the history of surgeries, phone number, etc.) to the above-mentioned address

We use contrast-free computed tomography. The urological analysis of the obtained data is performed by your attending physician at the consultation.

We use 3D modeling for best image.

The price of consultation by our medical specialist, including ultrasound and urological analysis of CT data – 400 UAH. You can take general pre-surgery examination (tests, ECG, chest X-ray) at your place of residence or directly at our center.

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