Conditions of stay

Despite the fact that the length of stay at our center, as a rule, does not exceed 1-2 days, we provide the maximum level of comfort and safety for our clients. For this purpose, we have 6 patient wards, each accommodating two or three patients. One of them is an intensive care unit designated for a 24-hour control of all vital indicators of patients and minutely control of the treatment process. A nurse station is operating around the clock. All wards are equipped with video surveillance and emergency call buttons next to each bed. Therefore, we can continuously monitor your condition. In addition to your attending medical doctor, the anesthesia and resuscitation staff and a physician on duty are at your service 24 hours a day.

24/7 medical nurse station and video monitoring in the wards. Emergency call button sends an alert signal to a nurse's bracelet, if you need help.

The wards are always clean, neat, with fresh and odorless air inside.

Linen is washed and ironed; means of hygiene are always available.

The clinic holds a 100% responsibility for providing all required medicines during the direct care (included in the cost of surgery); all necessary medicines and preparations are always readily available, so we can start administering a required medicine within a few minutes without sending you to a pharmacy.

We have got readily available all necessary medicines. If necessary, we can start administering them within in a minute.

Care products, drains, urinals, diapers and more are always available for use, if needed.

A surgeon is provided with everything he/she needs: stents, catheters, laser fibers and sutural material. We have everything of the above mentioned in sufficient quantity and do not charge patients additional costs.

Junior medical staff do their job flawlessly, so our wards are always clean and tidy, linen is washed and ironed and the room ventilated. The restrooms are kept clean. Napkins, soap, antiseptics, water in coolers are always readily available and replaced before depletion. What is the most important, you will never hear a rude or unpolite word, because our staff value their job and treat you as a patient who needs their help, first of all.


The complex of the above measures will allow you to go through difficult moments of the disease with the highest possible level of comfort and safety. Our work practice and policy combined with our highly experienced and well-equipped medical staff guarantee the maximum possible result for you.

Your condition remains controlled and stable during medical treatment.

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